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We take pride in providing geomatics service that maximize our client's productivity and profitability.

We specialize in the generation, manipulation, management, and maintenance of land and hydrographic survey data for our clients and offer the full range of services necessary for successful geospatial data implementation. These services are provided to various government agencies, engineering consultants, engineering contractors and large utility companies in the UAE and Middle East.

 aerial survey uae oman

Aerial Mapping for Small Areas 
Ard Cartocam Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system has the ability to quickly and inexpensively collect detailed mapping data of smaller areas.

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 topographic survey uae oman

Topographic Survey 
Ard offers a unique ability to combine its GPS expertise with traditional survey methods to achieve optimal results for its clients.

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  hydrographic survey uae oman

Hydrographic Surveys  
Ard Geographics provide high quality Hydrographic survey information for marine related tasks, covering ports, harbors, rivers and coastal areas.

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  metocean survey uae oman

Metocean Surveys
Using industry-standard equipment, Ard Geographics measures a range of oceanographic and meteorological parameters, all of which are

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 aeronautical survey uae oman

Aeronautical Surveys 
Ard Geographics is a leading-edge airspace mapping technology and General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) obstruction compliance service.

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 pipeline road uae oman

Route Surveys 
Ard has experience in survey and mapping operations for road, railway and pipeline design and construction projects.

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 construction survey uae oman

Construction Surveys 
Ard Geographics is closely involved with the construction industry. Our prime objective is to provide a service that is flexible, reliable & precise

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  GPS survey uae oman

Survey Control Points 
Ard specializes in development, measurement and analysis of horizontal and vertical control networks using GPS and conventional surveying techniques.

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 gis uae oman

GIS Data Collection 
Ard Geographics is a regional leader in GIS data collection and verification techniques. Ard Geographics has implemented ESRI mobile GIS

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