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Ard Geographics is a leading-edge airspace mapping technology and General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) obstruction compliance service. Ard provides individual consultation service for complete evaluation of proposed building locations.

Ard Geographics is certified by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and has to date completed more than 400 special aeronautical studies and surveys in the U.A.E.

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Ard executes the aeronautical evaluation of the proposed structures by employing the industry standard "Airspace" software. The evaluation is performed using the most complete and accurate airport / runway data available. This data undergoes constant re-certification and updates that coincide with the GCAA data release cycle.

Once a site is selected, Ard can complete a full Site Specific Analysis to determine all of the site’s airspace impacts. The report generated from this analysis includes required maps and WGS-1984 ITRF coordinates.

In addition to studying the site and providing you with a full report, Ard, upon request, will negotiate on your behalf with the GCAA, and other involved parties until a determination has been issued.

With Ard’s Site Analysis you will have realistic, confident knowledge of the outcome of your submission, allowing you to move ahead with other steps in the processing of preparing your site.

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